Monday, 8 March 2010

Transcription: R and D analysis 3, Mountain Concept 1


Like the skull there are questions about how much of this you actually see and the same questions that were asked about the skull apply. 2D or 3D? Normal or Bump maps? etc


Real or Illustrative? Static or Dynamic?


The question needs to be asked whether or not the white swirly stuff is actually mist of whether it simply represents wind. If it is actually something physical and tangible then then choice has to be made what it actually looks like. Is it a realistic representation of mist or is something more illustrative. Depending on which one it will look and act differently and the process by which it is made is vastly different. If we go the realistic route then I am potentially looking at experiment with particle or fluid effects to recreate the look. The more illustrative look would potentially give the animation more of a unique style but there's the danger that it would not fit within the world of the animation.

As mentioned earlier there is also the idea that the world itself moves to represent wind, however I think the actual concept art does not necessarily represent this so I'm fairly keen to avoid this route.