Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Transcription: Hanging Figure Model with Material 1

The image that the model was based on was taken directly from the concept art, I picked one that I felt represented the closet thing to a human form and would thus be able to provide a decent base to work with for the other models later on

The important part of this image was always going be the texture or material used to create the ethereal effect of the concept art. In order to achieve the desired effect I used a a colour ramp and to achieve the transparency so that it fades out as it reaches the bottom a black and white ramp was plugged into the transparency channel of the texture. Finally a glow was added, the model/source hidden and a fractal was added to give the glow some variation.

These are all the same model and texture, later on when it comes to giving these variation, the model will be altered and the texture varied.