Thursday, 18 March 2010

Transcription: Alan, need advice. Progress Update on spiky things

I am slightly unsure as to how much further should I pursue modeling these things the way I am currently. As you can probably see the geometry unsmoothed is quite a mess and I'm keen to the make the process of laying out the UV's as clean as possible especially as there is probably going to be a lot of these. Any suggestions, about other ways to potentially go about making these spiky things?


Alan Postings said...

Hi Tom,

A slightly hard question to answer via a blog - I'll do my best.

You could carry on modelling and making these more detailed - Increasing the geometry etc. However, this may be excessive depending upon the number of objects you need to fill the scene. So the questions are...

1) Are these doing the job as is (low geometry)? If not how much more geometry can you add based upon the overall number of objects required vs memory and rendering.

2) Next, how many need to be different? If you are creating hundreds then how many do you really need to make? Visually can they be repeated? Can some be generic background objects (low detail and repetitive), mid ground (medium level geometry/texture), and foreground (hero - full detail)

3) The answer to question 1 and 2 lead you to an approach to the UV layout.

With tasks like this strategy of approach helps speed up the workflow and rendering time. You can't often speed up the actual repetitive nature of the work but you can limit it.

Hope that starts to help...If not explain again in a little more detail.