Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Black Rain (Kuroi ame) – Shohei Imamura – 1989

Little known but an interesting film by Shohei Imamura that deals with the effects of radiation sickness of a family in aftermath of the Hiroshima bombings. It’s a pretty horrific and uncompromising film particularly the scenes that are set in Hiroshima. It is a film about the physical effects of war and nuclear radiation but really more so it's a film about psychological consequences that war has on individuals and the way they are able deal with both themselves and other individuals. The idea of the 'broken family' that is common theme in the films of Ozu is also distinctly apparent here as well, however it delivers it's message in a much different manner. Imamura despite once being Ozu's assistant was a great detractor of his filmic style.

The film doesn’t have the aesthetic of a film made in 1989, instead everything feels purposely made to look a film from a much earlier period, giving it a much more traditional quality.