Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Under The Volcano thoughts!

I’m beginning to finalise my ideas for this project. It’s quite different to how I and you as well Phil imagined it but I think the recent concept art/digital paintings are born out the ideas of that came when doing those quickfire sketches, so there is a lot continuation of ideas going, these image are not random things. I want to produce another four which will give me 10 images to assess and see which ones I feel are the most suitable, already some are clearly stronger than others.

Interestingly having done those images I’m feeling that the final thing will be a lot more 2D-based, 2D as in 3D being set on plane so to speak which could give it a more book-like feeling.

The final choice of music between the two has yet also to be decided, I’ll make the final decision when it comes to knowing exactly what needs to be produced. I don’t think going for either the shorter or longer will be to the detriment of the final thing, it just it will have a slightly different feel depending on which piece I choose.