Friday, 5 February 2010

Transcription: Irréversible

It's easy to forget that Irréversible is first and foremost a great film that does a load of great things to achieve its goal. Ignoring all the violence and the non-linear narrative for a second, Irréversible does a lot of crazy things with sound, camera work, editing and lights to create an very real feeling of disorietation. I feel that these techniques could work really well in my transcription of UTV, given that I'm keen to translate drunkeness then there's a lot that could be taken from the film. I know it of looks sort of ridiclous but the idea behind the messed up cloud tutorial with some tweaking could actually work well with what i'm trying to accomplish. Maybe it's not a case of representing drunkeness using visuals but more a case of actually physically making the viewer feel 'drunk' or disorientated.


What is the meaning of the sequence of flashing lights at the end?

The flashing lights are to create a sense of uneasiness again. Gaspar Noe uses low frequency sound to create nausea, headaches, and disorientation in the beginning and uses it again here to make the viewer feel sick after the mood changes dramatically.