Friday, 29 January 2010

Transcription: Two choices of music.

After a bit of digging around, I've narrowed the music down to two choices. Keeping with the Mexican theme, I feel I've found two bits of music that firstly I personally like and secondly ones that I feel fit the mood of Under The Volcano or certain aspects of it. I've gone for two pieces composed by composer Manuel Enriquez performed by Carlos Prieto and Edison Quintana titled Misterioso and the other Moderato, ritmico. I've been a bad person and uploaded them to Youtube for your listening pleasure.

The choice now will be which ones I go for, right now I'm leaning towards the second, shorter piece, though both pieces are a reasonable length so that won't be an issue.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - and again - great to see you nailing this stuff down; and yes, these two pieces are great; lots of staccato and mood and 'shapes' and a slight tinge of psychosis too - not 'easy' or' happy' soundscapes; I'd go for the longer of the 2, because that gives you the opportunity to warm your audience up and slide them into your world.

Good stuff! :-)