Friday, 29 January 2010

Transcription: Shapes and Textures with Bacon

Francis Bacon, not sliced up pigs belly. I'm trying to avoid going off on one with my research and references but gosh darn I just can't help myself. I picture Under The Volcano in the abstract in a way that is similar to Bacon's style of painting. The shapes organic. Texture and colour harsh, breaking away from the subject matter. Painted using the subconscious. I imagine The Consul like this, as a fleshy unknowable being, peeling away from the world and being exposed by alcohol and the world around him. Trapped in his own box or canvas almost.


tutorphil said...

Yep - I agree with the 'Bacon aesthetic' - and all that 'distressed' imagery as statement about consul's emotional state and fracturing... in terms of length etc.... hmmm; there are arguments either side, and Alan's concern will be about quality of quantity; i suppose my concern is 'what does the music want?'