Thursday, 28 January 2010

Transcription: Picnic at Hanging Rock

I feel Picnic at Hanging Rock a deceptive film, it’s easy to mistake the last 45 mins as something entirely separate and unrelated from the events of the first hour but of course it isn’t. All the events in the film are entwined together with the rock which I feel is where the film possibly deceives the viewer and it only becomes clear after you see it a second time. That’s the case for me anyway.

My appreciation of this film has doubled, tripled, no quadrupled from the first time I saw it. Slight exaggerations aside since I already had a definite appreciation for it, especially the first hour where it’s all about the rock and all the wonderful imagery that comes with it. Actually I think it was the final shot, the slow motion pan of the girls at the rock, carefree and innocent before the lives of all them are changed forever by this mysterious force of nature that really struck a chord with me. Also the haunting scene where the girls disappear in silence into the rock with their backs turned to the camera. As for what I can take from it. A lot of cross fades and lingering shots, a lot of camera angles to give the rock a towering monolithic quality. Some of shots of the rock from a distance were really quite spectacular, yet so mysterious at the same time, possibly aided by the spooky soundtrack.


tutorphil said...

Your post makes me want to watch the movie again - I love the scene when the survivor goes back to the school - and then you see that totally left-field shot of the trussed up girl- the use of the red dress; and I love the final moments as the headmistress loses it - and there's that detail of the drawer filled with strange little keepsakes; and finally, the wonderful fade-to-white as Miranda melts into legend...