Thursday, 28 January 2010

Transcription: A Passage...

A passage from early on in the book.

"He lay back in his chair. Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatapetl, that image of the perfect marriage, lay now clear and beautiful on the horizon under an almost pure morning sky. Far above him a few white clouds were racing windily after a pale gibbous moon. Drink all morning, they said to him, drink all day. This is life!
Enormously high too, he noted some vultures waiting, more graceful than eagles as they hovered there like burnt papers floating from a fire which suddenly are seen to be blowing swiftly upward, rocking.
The shadow of an immense weariness stole over him...The Consul fell asleep with a crash."

A second passage a couple pages that is perhaps lacking the depth or the first, but one I like anyway in terms of picturing atmosphere and the Consul.

"It was certainly hard to reconcile this dog with the pariahs one saw in town, those dreadful creatures that seemed to shadow his brother everywhere."