Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Transcription: Apocalypse Now

Like any true human being I have watched seen Apocalypse Now and it’s numerous versions many times before. It is a work of art that to me shows no evidence of the horrendous production difficulties it faced. This time I avoided the fat, over bloated mess that was Marlon Br…I mean the Redux version and went for the theatrical version which other than the pointless USO show scene (in my opinion of course) feels perfect. There’s so much I want to take from this film. Ok, so it bares no similarities to Under the Volcano but the way it looks and feels is remarkable to say the least. The varied use colour and intense lighting are the first things that stand out to me when it comes to analysing it from a visual standpoint. There are more films to come but having seen both Apocalypse Now and Walkabout one after the other, there’s a way that both films use colour and constantly changing colour to the highlight the dreamlike, fantastical qualities of the landscapes they are filming.

Another thing I want to note is the way the film deals with dishing out its narrative. It’s not a criticism of the film but I would be curious to see a version that doesn’t feature Willard’s voice over. Obviously by giving a context behind why he going to kill Kurtz it makes the film more watchable and understandable. I’d argue that by removing the voice-over and thus removing Willard’s ever evolving motivation then the film would become far more nightmarish and in an emotional sense, even more empty than it already is. It would highlight more so the pointlessness and horror of the Vietnam War.

I’m not having a Robert McKee moment, it’s just I feel that when it comes to removing anything that directly explains the Consul’s motivations, like narration of passages from the novel then it could become something entirely different. It would be able to address the themes of Under the Volcano in a more subconscious manner.