Friday, 22 January 2010

Narrative: Q-tensils finished project and thoughts.

Ok, so it has its fair share of problems as pointed out by both the group and Alan and Phil at the crit. Generally though I think as a whole it's something to be proud of. Certainly it probably needed a another cut with more scenes, more character development, better development of the gags etc to make it work properly as something funny. As it is now it's a functional narrative that has all the pieces but needs to pieced together slightly differently to make it really work as a funny spoof of James Bond, Q and shopping channels. To be fair, comedy and trying to combine that with a full narrative in just under two minutes is a hard thing to do. People have done it of course but it probably took them a few tries. One of the biggest challenges was to work as a collective and though a bit of nudging was needed on all sides I think we worked really well together and a creative and critical collective and that comes of in the polish of the things that each of us produced for the project and the polish of the final thing. From a personal perspective their are a lot of things I have personnaly achieved. modelling and lighting the set while still containing it within an artistic style , modelling and animating the Grinder (actually looks and fuctions as Raj intended it), the animation of Q and as Alan pointed to me after there's quite a cinematic feel to it which was me fiddling around a lot with camera set ups and editing.

All these good things not without the need for improvement obivously. The animation for example in my opinion lacks a clear purpose, I was working in a straight ahead style of animation for the most part where as pose-to-pose and a mix of pose-to-pose and straight ahead would of worked better for the task at hand. When it comes to me animating characters again then I'll be much better equipped. Also obviously the texturing of the models and set is lacking, it worked reasonably for the task at hand but needed something extra. I intend on making texturing a big part of the Transcription project so that problem will be resolved very shortly.

So yeah, pretty happy with how this turned out. :)


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom :-)

I enjoyed your narrative project submission - and, perhaps more importantly, I think I saw a switch go 'click' within you - and once it goes, everything changes; let it change you too; time to become all that you are... sorry to sound so Oprah, but I actually mean it. Hope you know that.

Meanwhile - another film for your ongoing edification in the black arts of exploitation cinema and general celluloid strangeness; I haven't seen this (or even heard of it until now), but in Guardian Guide section this morning there was this... 'House' directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi in 1977. Described as a 'lost classic' it looks utterly deranged... perhaps you'll have time to watch it before I do; I'd welcome your view. Let me know.

Tom Beg said...

Yes, I've heard of House. It's not available on Lovefilm right now but I've had it on reserve for a while.

Currently I have Irreversible to watch, I don't know if you've seen it or not?