Friday, 15 January 2010

Narrative: Progress update

  • Raj has finished and rendered the Intro sequence.
  • The opening where Q shows off the Shoe Knife and Laser Whisk has been animated and rendered.
  • Dressing Room status is currently unknown other than the last time I saw it when it was about 90% complete, will track it down during the weekend.
  • The Horror scene is animated and rendered.
  • Q introducing the Grinder is not animated, the Grinder is not animated and the destruction of the set is not animated. This is my weekends work.
  • Raj is working on collecting sounds.
My assumption is that there will probably not be any PC's available for a couple days next week, so I'm relying on my PC to crank out the ol' renders.


tutorphil said...

Evening Tom 'project manager'! :-)

I think you'll find the PC situation will free up - some of the third years are finished - or using their own machines; if the weekend of rendering is 100% successful, those third year jitters will calm; and some of them have mitigation because of the recent weather; I suggest you get in nice and early on Monday morning and take your chances...