Friday, 8 January 2010

Narrative: Finished Laser Whisk

After a couple alterations the laser is now complete.

The next jobby for me is to complete the shoe which will take a little bit of work because I have to go in and change the geometry so that the knives can pop out. Though having just assessed the shoe model I do not think it will pose a significant challenge but it does mean that the way the knives pop out will be different to what was first envisioned.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom, these props are looking cute, but maybe the shoe needs to take on a more toy-like quality too - or, at least, appear to belong to the world of objects you've created; I suggest you lighten it to a warmer brown and give it a patent leather shine; currently, the shoe looks a bit too 'real world' - I'm more than sure you're already onto this stuff...