Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Narrative: Cartoon Character Head Model update (Almost complete)

Rather than going through the rigmarole of designing my own character. I've decided to just recreate an already existing one but update it for the new golden age of digital graphics. My choice is Manny Calavera from the game Grim Fandango.

1. Blocking out the shape and adding more geometry.

2. Added the mask that goes around the eyes and the mouth, previously doing this has proved a challenge for me since my brain seems to be unable to comprehend things like that in modeling but this time I managed to do it without any help, I'm so proud!

3. A bit of fiddling around with the geometry and added more detail to the eye and mouth. (Preview Smoothed)

4. Extruded the neck (pain in the arse). I don't know how much this neck will prove a hindrance when it comes to skinning the character.

5. Right here is where I got stuck and was unable to continue, mostly it's to do with the nose, the brow shapes and the detail around the side of his head. Rather than getting bogged down with that I decided to finish the mouth, add some teeth and add more detail to the neck. I was hoping he wouldn't end up looking really creepy but it seems like it might be going that way, but he is a skeleton after all so maybe it's to be expected. Perhaps when I add the nose and all the other details his charm will come flooding back.