Friday, 15 January 2010

Narrative: Animating, Rendering and Editing issues.

I've started the grueling process of attempting to render and finish my work on a 3rd Year deadline week, oh joy. I think there's about two PC's left in both base rooms :/.

I am having some incredibly irritating issues in Premier Pro 4, namely my renders so do not fit the aspect ratio even though by all means they should (and I've checked with Alan) and to confuse things even more when I put the same renders into CS3 they fit perfectly without the need for stretching. I've done all this before without any issues so it's getting on my nerves a bit.


I get annoying black bars down the side. Obviously the solution would be to work in CS3 but I don't have it at home and there's no guarantee there will be any PC's in the Base Room come next week.