Monday, 21 December 2009

Transcription: Early thoughts on Expressionism

My main aim with the Transcription is to attack 3D in unconventional ways. There is a reason why I picked Under The Volcano as knowing I wanted to go in this direction, I felt that the deeply rich text and themes would help provide a suitable springboard to take it in this interesting and unusual direction. I've begun some very early and quite baseless research on the subject of Expressionism, starting out by finding artists whose work could be classed as expressionistic and whose pieces sticks out to me a pure visual treats. Of course there are a lot more but I'll save them for later.

Van Gogh

Emil Nolde


Zao Wou Ki


tutorphil said...

These images just make my mouth water - if you haven't done so already, go and watch some of the other videos on the Advanced Beauty site - as posted on the UCA group blog - some of that stuff is truly 'environmental' and immersive, but also has a powerful sense of fluidity and 'mark-making' - I think a big part of your project work should be 'R & D' (research and development) wherein you establish parametres in the software and trial combinations of techniques until you begin to find an aesthetic and its origination that serves your purpose; I don't know very much about Maya's inner-workings as everyone knows, but I'm assuming that particle effects + different sorts of renders may play a part? Personally, I'd just like to see you throw caution to the wind, track down some tutorials on line, and start getting all 'Brian-like' from Spaced...