Friday, 4 December 2009

Stopping the motor of the world

Love that saying :)

So I'm back home again in order to finish off the Postmodernism essay and to just get the hell away from Medway in general, it just isn't a pleasant place to spend your free time.

The Postmodernism essay is proving a challenge in editing more than anything. There are so many things that can be said that sometimes I feel like I open a new can of worms on every point I make. 2000 words really isn't enough and annoyingly I had to cut out the stuff about Pastiche. The thing about Adaptation is that it's really quite difficult to not get sucked into its confusing hall of mirrors and believe what lies the film tells you. Sometimes I simply forget which Charlie wrote the screenplay and which Charlie I'm writing about.

The next project after all the Narrative is stuff is over is Transcription. Even though we haven't been briefed yet and it's still almost a couple months away I've been thinking about it for a while now. I'm currently leaning towards a project dedicated solely to concept art and 3D environments, ignoring characters and literal narratives for now. Just for kicks I've been looking at the stuff on my bookshelf seeing if there's any sort of early potential avenues to take the Transcription project. Mostly I'm just looking for texts where interesting, abstract, ambiguous environments could take shape from. I won't reveal which ones have caught my eye yet because I'll explain myself in more detail about my intentions when the time comes.

There's also some more overarching things about environments I've been thinking about and that's the ability for them to tell a narrative without the need for characters, narration or text etc. Environments that can create a story and meaning through just being what they are. Some first years have posted Edwards Hopper artwork and I commented to one that it isn't the people in his images that make them what they are. To directly quote myself Tom Beg argues that "Without the 'Morning Glow' or the 'Evening Blues' then the images the wouldn't have the same hidden undertones and meanings. His painting would just be of some people standing in rooms. More than anything else he uses light to create story". Take this picture for example, what would happen if you removed these people from the image, it creates an entirely new story.

Giorgio De Chirico does this a lot as well.

It might be implied metaphysical narrative but I think it's possible to achieve a story without conventional narrative techniques or obvious symbology such the classic chalk outline to represent a dead body or something equally cliched. Funnily enough I've also been pondering in my head about the idea of Postmodern Environments, metafiction but metafiction about environments maybe. Environments that are self-conscious of the fact that they are environments giving them the ability to directly address their own creation and so on and so forth, something like that anyway. Not sure where this idea could go but learning about Postmodernism has certainly opened up some new potential ideas of critical thinking when it comes to my project work.

At the moment anyway this thinking is for later days and I mostly intend for Transcription project to be a fairly specific showcase for my abilities, whatever they are.