Sunday, 20 December 2009

Narrative: What are we spoofing???

So I think there is some confusion as to the thing we are spoofing. Originally the idea was that we were essentially spoofing the 60's using this incredibly old man as a contrast to the crazy colours and shapes of the era. That was before we found a resolved narrative and I would say now that the 'mission statement' of the piece has changed, particularly with the inclusion of the 'behind the scenes' dressing room sequence. With that scene I think, it is now more a spoof about the fakeness of TV, hence the plastic look in the set that I am trying to achieve. The dressing room will be much more sombre and down to earth.

The best example I can think is the american sitcom The Larry Sanders Show (best TV show ever by the way) which was essentially spoofing the fakeness of American late night Talk Shows and celebrity culture. The show would start as a Talk Show would, however it would then become a behind the scenes fly-on-the-wall documentary kind of thing. Celebrity guests would play themselves in very exaggerated and neurotic ways. Jim Carey for example appeared as himself playing a complete asshat who only wanted to shill his new film. It was very metafictiony and postmodern, check out the end of this clip for example which features David Letterman.