Friday, 18 December 2009

Narrative: Set Update

So my original set decided to commit a random act of Maya file corruption suicide meaning I have to start the whole bloody thing again. I have however changed a few things by incorporating a a few of Raj's idea and it's already looking a lot of better. What Else? Oh yeah, it's really cold, I'm still slightly depressed for whatever stupid teenage angst reason, also the forces of nature and Satan decided to conspire against me meaning I was unable to borrow graphics tablet because college was closed and because I'm now back home I cannot practice any digital painting for three weeks annnnd to top it all off my blog is pink again. We were told to not swear on the blogs but y'know...fucks sake...(sorry)


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - oh - sorry to hear about the Maya file; once, I lost 90,000 words of a novel due to a crash and a corrupt file; it was like a bereavement. Alan and I are due to be in Uni on Monday through to Wednesday, so there is still an opportunity for you to borrow a tablet... If there's more 'severe weather' (pah!) the uni may still be closed, but I'm hoping not as we're planning to see the third years for a minor project 'health check' before Christmas; if you want to come in, it's fine - just check the uca website for info before you travel; ensure you have your student ID with you too.