Monday, 28 December 2009

Narrative: new Q design


Rdhillon said...

Ok. Tom I’m not to sure if you have spoken to matt recently he’s been working on the dressing room and almost finished it, he needs the new Q design you have just created. The plan is to start animation this week if the character is completed then you can add some key poses for Q were going to share the in-between poses for it as well.
I’ve finished the camera, done a new concept for the ‘Grinder’ and shoe is completed you can find them on sky drive check them out if you can access it, try and upload everything onto group TayTay blog. I’ve got a suggestion for the Intro on my blog too.

Tom Beg said...

Texted Matt about new Q, asked him to decide which one he wants to model. Do you want me to model the Grinder since I'm not really doing much Maya stuff for the project right now?

Also where is this new intro proposal, I can't see it on your blog?

Rdhillon said...

Yes.I was actually going to suggest that it would be nice if you did.
Haven’t really describe the grinder properly but the back has a glass liquid container type of thing holding the coffee mixture, just consider this when modelling the back, also grinder front seems slightly plane if you like add some more details take a looks at the drawings and you should be able to see for yourself.
I’m going to post Intro now.