Friday, 27 November 2009

Vanishing Point and Electra Glide in Blue

Decided to take a tiny break and watch a couple films which were on my summer list, a 70's dusty desert road double feature.

Firstly Vanishing Point is great. It’s so real. The sound of car, the sweat, the beards, the red faces, I could literally smell the burning rubber and body-odour coming out from my television, it's low-budgetness is its greatest asset. Not that it particularly has a plot, sure there’s some stuff about a car delivery or something but all that is a Mcguffin really. It’s a film about a guy driving a car to his impending doom and sticking it to ‘the man’ in the process. What all good things are about really.

Electra Glide in Blue is also excellent, the writing in particular is spot-on, it's a social commentary on a lot of things, Vietnam and the Police being the two most obvious and these themes and characterized pretty excellently through the various characters. I couldn't help but admire the surprising Conrad Hall cinematography (actually that isn't really a surprise, more the fact that Conrad Hall was actually involved in the film in the first place is more of a shock) particularly the contrast in interiors and exteriors, dark and gritty for the bars and houses and then over saturated and empty for the desert and road shots. It feels very much a modern Western, though the chase scene was a little naff.