Saturday, 28 November 2009


Now that there's a bit of time between having to start and think about an entirely new project idea annnnnd while I'm in a more cheerful mood goofed up on medication, I thought it'd be best to have a little assessment about where I stand at this moment in time.

While I sort of pride myself and this particular blog at being a bit a jab at conventional norms, I thought it'd be wise to instill a bit of professionalism into my life hence the new (yeah I'll keep pimping it out). Maybe it was Alan sitting next to Phil or some of the things said to me and other people in regard to out relationship to the course on crit day but I can see the tide turning from being a innocent young First Year whippersnapper to someone having to compete with 40 odd first years without as much help as before, but that new independence and increased pressure also makes me happy. Not to dismiss what they have achieved but the idea of producing 3 pieces of concept art in 5 weeks as an entire project makes me chuckle when I look back on it.

I also had hearty chat with Alan on Friday and as Alan said maybe my relationship with CG and Maya wont last all my life but for now it's in my immediate interest to find a niche for myself within this field. Even though it's a few weeks away The next project is Transcription which as far I know means I can transcribe practically anything I want, into anything I want. So I intend to use that project and the Christimas holidays as well as the outliner for where I want to progress in terms of CG.


tutorphil said...

Who is this cheerful chappy? :-) I didn't realise that Lemsip had euphoric side-effects...

I've talked to Alan and I want to get you and your classmates briefed re. Transcription before Christmas; I just have to work out when; I may sacrifice a tuesday session to do just that. Anyway, I'm really pleased you got the chance to talk with Alan on a one-to-one - and he's right; you need to focus now on the area that is going to best serve you and sharpen you to a point that can 'puncture' the industry at a certain entry point.

I have to say, thus far, your conceptual environment work has been the most successful - BECAUSE is allowed you to be very bespoke, very individualistic and fine-art (while operating in a commercial context). When I look at your new blog I am drawn time and time again to those virtual anatomy paintings - they are very accomplished and very 'you' - if you were to start taking your role as a texture-painter/modeller/environment guy very seriously, then I think you could begin to develop a clearly communicable skill-base.

Transcription wise - (and this is me just dreaming up projects that I'd personally LOVE to see you approach) - I can imagine you developing really speculative 'worlds' - perhaps transcribing the spaces inside paintings (abstract paintings!) - creating constellations out of Kandinsky or similar - add a splash of Norman McClaren... anyway, I think you need to embrace your very cultured and intellectualised bias, but ensure that the method you use to generate final work represents a clearly applicable pipeline - modelling, texturing, lighting, art direction - I see you as a 'worlds' man and not a 'character' guy...

anyway, no doubt that lemsip will be wearing off by now and you'll be scowling again... speak to you soon.

tutorphil said...

Okay - below is a list of the first year blogs; I suggest you follow them and their progress; they're a nice sociable bunch and they're going to need your help and experience as they enter Unit 3 'Tableau Vivant' - their first go at bringing Maya into their creative project... go introduce yourselves!

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Tom Beg said...

done but tell them to follow our blogs as well, or are you already too ashamed of us :P

tutorphil said...

Nope - hardly ashamed; there's lots of talent in the second year, but morale is low - that's all; in truth, I'm trying to move the energy around a bit, so avoid any enclaves or disproportionality - more simply, I just think everyone could inspire/assist everyone else; two years ago there was a formal mentoring scheme in place, which we're supposed to follow every year - in which students are officially allocated first years to guide and inspire; it's a good philanthropic idea, and now, with the blog thing, I'm hoping it might happen more organically - while also ensuring that people learn each other's names...

Hope you're feeling better.