Wednesday, 4 November 2009


So for the essay I’ve decided to write about Adaptation. Not because of some weird psychological connection I have with it but because of all the films that I’ve watched and all the subjects that have been thrown my way as part of this Post-modern assignment it’s the one that in terms of being ‘post-modern’ has resonated with me the most. While I love Pulp Fiction and Mulholland Drive and I can see the postmodernism oozing from the celluloid my film-watching brain just makes me concentrate on other things about those films that do not necessarily relate to the essay. Scream is obviously interesting and playful but from a straight-up conventional film point of view it’s just a bit shit. Funny Games is too self-aware for its own good, Moulin Rouge is plain awful and I don’t think there’s enough substance in the Sergio Leone idea. Early on I was considering a Lars Von Trier based subject such as the Dogma 95 movement or Dogville but my enjoyment of his films has declined quite rapidly in recent weeks, so that’s out of the question.

So yeah… Adaptation.