Friday, 20 November 2009

New Blog

I'm in a bit of drifty/out of body mood at the moment, listening to Cat Stevens and not much having much of a clue about whats going on around me. Poor old Mum is helping me ward off impending flu/cold with large amounts of food and cheap drugs but I feel pretty terrible to be honest. In my haze it occured to me recently that I have a lot of artwork floating around not doing much at all, so I made a portfolio blog kind of thing. The final Virtual Anatomy concept stuff is pretty cool.


tutorphil said...

Hi Tom - sorry to hear you're not feeling too sparky - but your 'shop window' blog is a great idea - a more professional space or showroom for your work; and it's great to see your work again; such a strong aesthetic throughout - a very rich body of work; I hope seeing it all together like that has served to restore your confidences and given you some week 10 'pep'! Perhaps you should upload your final Unit 6 video too?

Feel better soon.

Z Moat said...

Sounds like you've got what I had last week. Looked at the portfolio blog, some wicked stuff on there man, loved the Space concepts. Don't forget about it being there though,I set a portfolio blog up months ago and hanen't touched it since.

Take care, get well mate. And don't die.

Keith Larkin said...

Nice idea for the portfolio matey.

Been looking at doing that myself, but as Zack says, i fear that it will get neglected.