Saturday, 28 November 2009

Narrative Project: Hello Narrative Project

The Narrative project has been hibernating for a while now but now it's time for it to wake up and smell the air grrrrrr. Basically we've fallen behind quite a bit but we do have a complete Narrative structure which was something we didn't have before.

First things first we ditched the Q getting sacked by MI5 introduction, we are now directly going straight to Q's shopping channel. The whole point of the sacking part was that we were just trying to tell the audience that this was Q's Shopping Channel. It now starts with the classic Bond intro but the gun barrel part is shaped like a Q. The gadgets remain intact but they are ordered slightly differently in terms of narrative structure. The shoe knife and laser whisk are pretty much as they were before, the final machines introduction is a tad different. What happens now is that after the first two gadgets Q is seen in his dressing room where by it is revealed that the Shoe Knife and Laser Whisk are total sales bombs, suddenly he gets a bright idea and begins working on a new gadget. It is revealed on his next show where he uncovers the 'Grinder' which is the massive machine. He turns it on and it seems like the world is falling apart, suddenly it stops and a cup of coffee pops out. Q has seemingly made a gadget that works. Except it hasn't because a few seconds later the entire studio collapses, Q has made another dud.

The next step will be to adjust the storyboards that Matt was working on, and then take it into the final Design and Maya phase, because we are behind and only have 5 weeks left I think we are going to have to skip the pre-viz stage. It's bad I know but I think our narrative is resolved enough and we have storyboards.

Anyway here is the Laser Whisk . Raj has designed Q and the Shoe-Knife while Matt has done the grinder.