Saturday, 28 November 2009

Karachi pictures.

Currently my old man is scanning in the classic family snaps. As expected there's plenty of pictures of a half naked child Tom frolicking on beaches which I don't intend on uploading. There's also some interesting stuff tucked away in there. The most interesting being these pictures of Pakistan city, Karachi, taken in the 80's some time. It's a shame the colours are a bit weird, I may try touching them up in Photoshop some time. If you're wondering what Pakistan looked like in the 1980's or need some reference photos then you're in luck!

There's a lot more but these are the ones I thought were the most interesting. Also here are some delightful pictures of my Dad and Grandmother in the 1950's on their first visit to London. Not sure what that old gatekeeper fellow thinks of them though, probably was quite a shock to see someone dressed like that other than y'know...Gandhi.


tutorphil said...

These are wonderful, Tom! And I love the colour - don't you dare go touching them up in photoshop - that faded, pinkish cast adds authenticity and 'then-ness' ; and the black and white images - wonderful social history stuff. 'Thanks for sharing'.

tutorphil said...

Evening Tom,

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