Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Character Design: Villain Sketch and Erin O'Connor

Here is a drawing of the villain as I envisaged a few posts back. There are still things that need to be resolved. Firstly I feel like the nuclear missile leg needs a lot more work, the villain character needs to glide around elegantly and swiftly but currently she is more likely to walk around with a hobble, how I'm going to make it more leg-like is something that will require a bit of subtlety. The barbed-wire needs to be less random and perhaps bundled together more because an animator would struggle to animate something so loose. The nuclear symbol needs to go because as Phil said to me it sort of makes the characters look a bit like superheroes which I do not want. Instead I think I will use the color scheme to emphasize the nuclearness, if her dress is black and yellow like the nuclear symbol and the missile the same then than implies that the characters are 'radioactive'

In this drawing I haven't really thought about the face too much, Phil directed me towards the rather interesting looking model Erin O'Connor with her amazing long neck. I think the slicked back hairstyle/androgynous look will work very well and overall her body proportions match quite nicely to what I envisage the villain to be, tall and elegant.