Friday, 6 November 2009

Character Design: Sketches

I don't know what the buzz around the watercooler is but I feel like I am workings towards some sort of resolution in regards to the final designs of my hero and villain characters, obviously they still need some tweaks here and there and my drawing skills let me down somewhat. An issue I have with the hero character is that I do not feel that she is mechanical enough. One thing that i want to adjust on her is one of her legs. The villain character is supposed to be the most mechanical of the female characters hence the fully developed nuclear missile leg, the hero is supposed to be slightly underdeveloped therefore I think I will replace one of her legs with a placeholder prosthetic kind of thing.

The thorn in my side remains the sidekick character who is stuck in limbo somewhat, I don't want a chubby man because I feel that interferes with my vision of the characters being these glamorous looking people.


Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Tom,
these characters are coming on nicely. I do like the style you are going for here - and dont worry about your drawing technique. Ideas and development of your characters are very important - its not about if you can draw earlobes spectacularly. Regards to your mechanical quandary, you may want to make the heros mechanical additions more subtle and sophisticated, leaving more crude attachments for the villain. The more asymmetry you introduce to a character, the more unhinged they will feel. If you want your hero to be strong and dependable, then maybe go for mechanical limbs that do not jar with the rest of the proportions.

As to the sidekick, rather than over weight, I think you just need to soften his features - maybe make him younger, wide eyed, naive etc. At the moment, I think he looks a little too in control

Anyway, some great stuff here.