Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Character Design: Sidekick Sketches

Now that I sort of understand my sidekick a little better. I thought best to do some sketches but they are pretty crap.

When I think of torture something that pops into my head quite quickly is the scene from A Clockwork Orange where they attach things to Alex's eyelids to stop them from closing , I want the same things on my character because it's quite fucked up. That sort of rules out the venetian mask thing but I've been moving away from that for quite a while now. I also think I'm going to go for a man with white skin and a bald head a reason possibly being that he is suffering from radiation sickness. I also want him to be strapped up German bondage leather-style. My biggest fear of sorts is that I'm starting to border on the slightly tasteless. Though tastelessness in this sort of medium has never bothered me much in the past but I'm quite keen to avoid a certain Fantasia-like moment occurring in my work. I have managed to avoid the glaringly obvious strap-on nuclear weapon penis accessory...dammnit. I'll save that one for a later project I think.

One potential problem I see is that the the attached nuclear weopons could potentially look like jet-pack rockets pm the wheelchair, which would look really stupid. So i'll try and avoid that if I can.


tutorphil said...

Evening Tom,

I don't think you need worry too much about being objectionable - certainly if you make it clear that said sidekick has been an accomplice in his own mutilation - it makes it a consensual relationship after all! I think your sidekick is absolutely taking shape...