Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Character Design: Sidekick, Sidekick, Sidekick.

Farking sidekick, I wish he would just…just…go away!

Actually it’s not so bad, I definitely think his reason for being in a wheelchair is because the villain has amputated both his legs for whatever perverse reason.

I like the idea that sidekick is actually entirely a nuclear weapon rather than just having bits grafted on, that way it would suggest he has no control compared to villain who is control of her weapon. The villain then could be in control of the detonator of the sidekick, potentially then she could use him as some sort of bargaining tool. It's a little Joker-like but I like it.

If I go that route then I think the nuclear stuff should be external, attached to the wheelchair and then attached the sidekick from there and his legs have been amputated and his arms strapped down in order to stop him from getting the fuck out of there.