Monday, 16 November 2009

Character Design: 'Shopping List'

This is what I intend to produce for the final assessment. Lots of work but I'll pop a few E's and all will be fine I assume.

Character Turnarounds
Head Turnarounds
Colour Keys
Expression Sheets
Shit loads of gestures

In terms of importance I really want to have lots of gesture stuff because that is what is going to convey the personality of characters from a visual standpoint, rather than me just trying to convince people using my words...and the force.


tutorphil said...

Not sure you'll be able to see this comment in time - but 'Flesh for Frankenstein' is on tonight on channel 4 - in 3D! Definitely one for you...

Tom Beg said...


Missed it, but I would of liked to of seen it in the 3rd Dimension.