Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Character Design: A question for Justin

How would you go about doing gesture sheets and expression sheets etc for a man with no legs and his arms and body strapped down to a wheelchair?


Justin Wyatt said...

interesting question Tom. Well, I know someone who has a dog with an amputated leg. The strange thing is that even though the limb is missing, you still see it, because the top half of the limb moves exactly as before. You can apply this to your character. Draw a pose and gesture as if the body was intact, then lop off whats missing. Its surprising how much you still understand from the pose.

Also remember that the character possesses probably the most important part of their body for expressing body language - his spine. As a refresher, hunched over shows signs of weakness, bolt upright shows confidence, assymetric indicates unbalance. The torso does all the work here.

And thirdly remember how proportions effect personality. Just because the limbs are missing doesnt mean you dont have to think about their size. try designing the character before the limbs were removed

To give you an idea, I have made a quick sketch. I can email it to you if it helps?

By the way, you have some very strong ideas here and are not afraid to explore dark themes- which is great.

Tom Beg said...

Yes if you wouldn't mind, that would be very useful. Either of these emails is fine.