Monday, 16 November 2009

Character Design: I am working on Character Design

I spent a bit of the weekend doing things for the character design project that I didn’t quite feel were resolved enough to be able to take to a final design phase. Obviously I’ve done some thinking on the sidekicks wheelchair and I feel like I’ve come to a decent compromise. My biggest fear was that attaching nuclear missiles to the chair would make it look like a rocket-chair and in my opinion even based on the simple sketches I drew that was clearly what would happen. Then I thought it could work if the rocket was split into pieces and then would re-attach when the time called. That would work but it brings with it a lot of problems that I feel I personally could not overcome. My next solution is to merge these two ideas together. The nuclear missile is split in parts but it doesn’t need to reattach, rather the two ends are attached to the wheels, this way it can keep it’s form but from a side-on angle doesn’t look like it could launch the chair into the air at 1000mph. If you look at it from a front angle now it’s still a bit of an issue but the effect is nullified because it’s split into parts and isn’t symmetrical. Perhaps the nuclear weapon is too big but it works, nuclear bombs can be bloody huge anyway. Here’s a drawing.

I’ve done some more work and thinking on the Hero’s nuclear weapons that are attached to her arms because they looked a bit silly in their current state. Also on the subject of the Hero, I’ve done some work on the deconstruction side of things, I’ve managed to split the hero into easily manageable square shapes, this helps make her more hero-like as squares are typically on hero characters to emphasise strength. It also makes her easier to reproduce as I’ve found with the villain who I can reproduce quite easily and quickly thanks to the triangle shapes that she is now made up of. Another good thing about the these shapes is that it helps define each characters silhouette much more which I knew was going to be a bit of issue but I now feel that the hero and villain are easily recognisable.

I’ve also done some simple sketches to help me out later on the gesture, body language and posing side of things. With the villain I am obviously look to the spine and arms to define her personality, strong and upright mostly to emphasize her dominance. The sidekick is a pretty interesting challenge because obviously he has no legs and is strapped down to the chair. As Justin showed me the one of the most expressive things about the human body is the spine so a lot of his personality will be defined by his overall bodyshape. The hero will probably comply to typical hero poses but because she is an anti-hero then I think that I will have to tone down the expressiveness and make her more subtle, perhaps play a little to typical villain gestures. In terms of the characters facial expressions I am obviously not going for a Sponge-Bob Square Pants palette of expressions. Going back all the way back to week one I’ve always said I wanted my characters to be emotionless, detached and cold.

Next up I just want to work on the colours for the hero and villain characters, the sidekick I feel doesn’t need too much thinking in terms of colour. He is mostly going to be grey and cold, basically very dead looking.