Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Character Design: Character stuff

Darn sidekick, I know that I want him be in a wheelchair so I guess the big question is, why is he in a wheelchair because there could be a lot of reasons for him being in wheelchair, if I can come up with a reason for this then his design should come along quite quickly. So why is he is a wheelchair?. It seems both my hero and villain characters have things going on with their legs specifically they both have nuclear weapons grafted on them though in the case of the hero she is in the process. Soooo something to with his legs or lack of legs then...

Initially the general idea behind the existence and reason for the nuclear weapons is that these characters are the products of a twisted 50’s American military nuclear experiment of some kind. My sidekick was always going to be the battered and bruised of all the characters, speaking in terms of my ‘world’ then he is the one that has been experimented on the most so that could be one reason for him being so messed up. If I go this route however I think it the negates and even gets rid of completely the sadism and masochism thing going on between the villain and sidekick character because he is no longer the result of what the villain has done to him.

My idea now is that the characters are a bunch of young non-conformist radicals who graft nuclear weapons onto themselves for…some…reason, I’d like to flesh to it out a little better in terms of political motives etc but right now I’m sort of looking for a quick fix but it starts to bring me back to Bret Easton Ellis territory, which is good. Actually thinking about it, it’s a bit like the group of characters from The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Decent book.

Ah well, I'll start really thinking about the sidekick later today.

I feel that I am pretty close with the hero and villain characters though in reality I could tinker with them for many more weeks but I think it’s time to finalise them to the specifications of the brief. Which for me basically means adapting them to the stage where they are able to conform to typical character design conventions for the media that I have chosen which is hand-drawn animation.