Monday, 16 November 2009

Cannibal Holocaust

It has been a while since I sat through one of these but it’s good to be back. Cannibal Holocaust has a reputation of being one of the most fucked up films ever so I had to watch it. To be honest yeah it’s pretty fucked up but I do admire it, not because of all the violence and blood but because of how damn real it is and how uncomfortable it can be at times without the need for brains and guts splattered in your face every five minutes which was what I was actually expecting. It just makes you feel bad inside watching it, quite visceral in a sense. From that perspective it’s a great film and not the tasteless wankery that it’s reputation would suggest but I didn't actually see the full uncut version with the real animal killings which even Deodato regretted so maybe my opinion would change. Great soundtrack as well.