Monday, 12 October 2009

O Lucky Man

This is the follow-up of sorts to If… which happens to be one of my favourite films. Mick Travis (Malcolm McDowell is the lead again and a slightly chubby faced Helen Mirren is also in it!) returns but he isn’t the same Mick from If… because I assume the Mick from If… was probably hanged after what he gone and did. This is one of those ‘poor chap’s day goes horribly wrong’ kind of films, except it keeps going wrong for poor old Mick and when it’s just starting to go right again, it goes all wrong again, quite dramatically although with a tinge of Monty Python style dark humour at times. This is type of comedy that I think our group needs to aim for. The David Hasselfhoff thing is fairly amusing but it won’t be relevant in 30 years time like this film is. It isn’t laugh-out-loud-fall-off-your-chair stuff but you don’t need a pop-culture encyclopaedia in your head to find satisfaction from it.

Side Note - From what I’ve watched, Lindsay Anderson makes pretty anarchic films. Both O Lucky Man and If… are quite hateful of society, in a way it reminded me of Dogville or any Lars Von Trier film for that matter. I'm really not surprised that the man fell into a lengthy depression.