Friday, 16 October 2009

Narrative Project: More James Bond at home ideas

These are ideas Raj and I came up with for the presentation on Tuesday. They are just separate scenarios so most of it does not make sense as one continuous thing.

Bad day at work gets worse when he comes home.

  • Suitcase self-destructs.
  • Loses keys, uses Magnet watch to find them.
  • Flame thrower spray can, Bond thinks it’s deodorant.
  • Sits on ejector seat by accident.
  • Finds Q in bed with his latest woman.
  • Presses wrong button on TV remote to launch rocket, destroys France.

Secret Life of James Bond

  • Crack/Poker Den in his basement, all the villains hang out.
  • Watches porno called ‘The Man with the Golden Penis’ or ‘Thunderballs’ ‘Double O Heaven’ ‘Octopussy’, sits down on ejector chair.
  • In reality Bond leads a very lonely and troubled life, sleeps in single bed, eats for one, plays N64 Goldeneye on his own all the time etc.
  • Comes home and gets sloshed on Martini’s.
  • Uses Periscope to spy on woman next door.

Around the House

  • Can’t reach something on top-shelf, uses grappling hook. In the shower he uses it to pick up the soap.
  • Industrial Laser from ‘Goldfinger’ could be used to cut cheese.

Props and references

  • Walther PPK gun cigarette lighter.
  • James Bond pictures on the wall, George Lazenby defaced.
  • Wardrobe full of the same suit, one pink fairy costume.
  • Secretly bald. Loads of wigs.
  • Bond is very vain, pictures of himself everywhere, Mirrors everywhere.
  • Door bell/Phone plays Bond theme tune.

The next step is to develop these ideas into something with a bit more purpose.


tutorphil said...

These look as if they've got bags of potential; personally, I like the idea of the tragi-comedic element of Bond being a bit of a fantasist and rather sad; after all, he is a sociopath in terms of personality and I've often wondered how he would spend his 'down time'...