Friday, 23 October 2009

Narrative Project: James Bond Shopping Channel

On Tueday we presented four different ideas as potential frameworks for our final spoof.

James Bond: Cribs

  • MTV-style Cribs where James Bond shows us around his ‘Crib’.
  • Shows off his cars, gadgets, photos, DVD collection etc

James Bond: Cooking Show

  • A Delia Smith style cooking show starring James Bond. He causally uses a bunch of his gadgets to make a 'delicious' meal.

James Bond: Shopping Channel

  • American-Style Home Shopping Channel.
  • Hyperactive James Bond is trying to sell his latest gadget. Q is on hand to assist.

James Bond: Nuclear Video

  • Classic style infomercial.
  • James Bond gives advice how on to make use of your old gadgets in the event of impending Nuclear Winter at the hands of an Evil Villain.
The general consensus was that the Shopping Channel one had the most promise. Another thing that came out of the presentation was that perhapsi our focus was slightly off. We have mainly been concentrating on Bond being the star of the show but perhaps some of these ideas would be better suited to other characters in the Bond universe. Take for example the MTV Cribs idea, it makes more sense for it to be the Villains lair rather than Bonds house we are looking around. I think it also applies to the Shopping Channel idea, rather than Bond presenting a new gadget it should be Q.