Monday, 12 October 2009

Narrative Project:: blah blah Narrative blah blah blah

Oh Narrative project, how I hate you so. Some of us don’t want to make funny things y’know.

Hate is probably too strong a word but this project is proving to be a test. While I know it’s a group project that we’re all working on together, we all have certain individual duties and currently we’re individually trying to come up with new ideas that we can then all work on. Currently I’m not exactly in a ‘being funny’ mode of thought. I’m doing a character design project pretty much entirely about emptiness and lack of soul. I’m trying to find a subject for an essay by going about and watching wave after wave of depressing, angry and disheartening films all while life in shitty old Medway is mostly boring and unsatisfying. Trying to switch between mind-sets is pretty difficult.

For some ‘research’ we watched Airplane!, most of the jokes are pretty politically incorrect and crude. We’re talking about a film where one of the jokes is a woman standing in front of the camera with no clothes on and another where it is implied a character performs oral sex on an inflatable auto-pilot. One of my favorite gags in the film is when the Tribesman start playing basketball and just so happen to be really good at it. Some would say it’s not intelligent but I’d say that it’s quite intelligent, because it isn’t racist, obviously it’s stereotyping but it’s fairly innocent. I get the feeling if I was to present that joke for this project I would be heckled off the stage and probably asked to leave college and not come back. It’s hard to make something universally funny because ‘funny’ is damn subjective and ‘intelligent funny’ is even more subjective although this has been obvious for a long time.