Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Narrative and Post Modernism stuff

After the little presentation thing on Tuesday we weened out the weak ideas and now we are left with two from the original five. My James Bond. gadgets at home thing and Matt's Titantic 2, sadly Rocky in a Wheelchair didn't make the cut possibly because it's Rocky in a Wheelchair. The next step is to develop the two ideas and think of another three for next week. Oh joy.

As for the Post Modernism thing I'm thinking about going with something Lars Von Trier based mostly because I'm pretty into his films at the moment and would like to delve into them a bit more. Currently I guess there's two possible avenues- the whole empty set design thing and it's relationship to traditional theatre and possibly the Dogma 95 manifesto, though I'm not sure whether it's actually Modern or Post Modern at the moment to be honest. The idea of Dogma 95 was to improve cinema by regressing but the idea of change in order to improve something is a Modernist thought, however Dogma 95 takes influence from the French New Wave and other realist approaches in cinema which as far as I can tell is a Post Modern thought process. It's all a bit confusing and there's loads other stuff in the manifesto but as Ive found out discussing whether or not something is 'Po Mo' or 'Mo' could be the basis for a right good essay. Speaking of Lars Von Trier I sat down and watched two more of his films. Manderlay which is pretty much a sequel to Dogville, except it replaces most of the actors other than John Hurt who is still the narrator. I didn't think it was as good or meaningful as Dogville, it's nowhere near as bitter and scathing though it still has a lot of qualities. I also watched the peculiar 'The Idiots', not really sure what to think about it to be honest, it left me completely cold. Not in a way that had me thinking 'what a load of pretentious Danish bollocks' but more a 'I have no idea what I just witnessed' kind of thing. That's a really boring way to put it...urrgh...I should probably go home.