Friday, 9 October 2009

Character Design:Character Design: Character Design: Character Design:

I haven't really thought too much about the Character design project over this past week, since Monday onwards it's basically been all about Narrative, Post-Modernism and ruining my waking life watching cold, heartless films and doing Maya bollocks. So I feel thoroughly guilty about the lack of progress in the Character Design department. Ideally I'd like to whip up some early drawings/sketches/crazy stuff over the weekend to upload on Monday. I'd assume this wont happen because I tend to 'ponder' rather than 'do' on weekends but we can hope.

Before Justin left last Friday he gave me some advice about my characters and my word. I feel like I have a good grasp on the overall style that I want my characters to have. My word is Mechanical so I think it's important that the literal meaning plays a big part in my overall design because it's what is going to make my characters distinct. I also have the three archetypes that I have to adhere to, so each of those characters have to be distinct from each other. In terms of how I go about this I think there's a lot of potential avenues. Have characters with more or less machanical parts of them, change the age and loads of other things I tell you. LOADS MORE!

Actually I guess it depends on how I feel. If I'm in good spirits then yes, mechanics and stuff will play a large role. If i'm in Vincent Gallo kind of 'I make weird arty things because I CAN, and if you don't like it then piss off ' mood then I'll justify the lack of any mechanical parts on my characters with some long winded nonsense about the Thesaurus, deeper meanings of the word 'mechanical', Bret Easton Ellis, Jesus and Blade Runner. Then proceed to stick my middle fingers up at everyone in the Lecture Theatre and walk off the stage while spitting at people in the front row, basically a Phil Gomm lecture. To be honest I feel like i'm rambling on a little bit but it is a Friday afternoon, I just feel like rambling on anyway because I'm in a rambling type of mood and it's quite satisfying lounging about, tapping away at this keyboard and hearing that clicking noise and the sound of the space bar making a different 'click' which sounds more like a 'clack' every now and then. I also can't post this post NOW because the university internet keeps going down, so I'm posting this Monday morning except I wrote it Friday afternoon, so what I wrote about it being a lazy Friday afternoon doesn't make too much sense anymore, except to me because RIGHT NOW and at this point in time in the universe while I'm writing this very post right here in the Base Room of CG Arts and Animation Rochester UCA the hub and epicentre of all creative things IT IS Friday afternoon but when I post this very post I'm writing on Friday it will be a Monday and I probably haven't done any work like I said I would do when I wrote this today. (Friday the 9th of October 2009). If I decided to add more to this over the weekend on Saturday or Sunday then I'm pretty sure the universe could well collapse in on itself, unless the theories of infinite universes is true and in one of the universes I don't actually write this and I just go home like I should then everything will be fine. In that universe at least.

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