Thursday, 29 October 2009

Character Design: Sketches

I feel like I'm inching ever closer to having a real idea as to my final designs. One problem I'm having right now is drawing men in an art deco illustration style, so I'll have to look up some pictures today.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

I hear your Maya classes were cancelled today? Looks like you're using your time wisely; these sketches are indeed beginning to possess some confidence; I particularly like the middle drawing, but I just have this inkling that your side-kick should be chubby - soft, pliant, and yielding... (shudder)

Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Tom,
hey these designs are coming on very nicely. I like the hero character very much - the fact you hide the nuclear symbol is pretty smart, especially to separate it from the villain. Her body language is also good- she looks pretty confident. For the design of the dress, I think there needs to be smoother lines here, if you are going for art deco. I think her missile sleeves can be more sleek.

For the villain, i think you need to inject nmore personality here as at the moment she seems justlike a glamorous woman. You may want to incorporate more triangular forms, or elements of danger to her - Take a look at Cruella deville from 101 dalmations. Possibly you may want to introduce some assymetry to her design to enforce the fact that she is not to be trusted.

I think the sidekick actually seems far more sinister than the villain, so i think you may want to make him seem less threatening - I agree with Phil that he needs to be more submissive. You can achieve that through softer, rounder forms, as Phil indicated, or through weakness and vulnerability - he is in a wheelchair, but maybe emphasize a withered limb or frame. At the moment he seems more like Davros or Dr Strangelove type, rather than a sidekick.

I think it would help if you define these characters a little more, in terms of their roles and personalities. I assume you already have conmsidered this, but a quick synopsis of each would be useful. Anyway, some really good sketches here Tom.

Anonymous said...

yo tom, nice place you got here, im try to catch up with all my stuff, my moneys still not come through, though id rather wait than ask for some money which I cant afford to pay back anyway. lol

your characters look real cool, wish my F-ing scanner would just work, or if i had the money to just get a new one and throw this piece of complete S@%*% out of the window.

lol ahh to be poor, at least I bought some rice now, lol.

cya soon, Dii