Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Character Design: Points from the crit and other conversations

I think the interim crit today went pretty well and the feedback for my project was generally quite positive all things considered though obviously there's a long way to go till I can satisfy myself and the complexities of the brief though luckily I don't thinks that it's big conceptual issues. I think the biggest challenge will be how I literally 'construct' my characters both from conceptual and drawing point of view particularly in regards to the nuclear weapons aspect. Advice given to me was to work on the sidekick first because that will help drive the design of the villain.

For Justin's sake here are the names of the characters.

Hero- Tamara
Villain - Enola
Sidekick - Little Boy

As for the postmodernism bullshit I found this rather useful quote on the internet about Sergio Leone 'Dismissed at his emergence in the early 1960s, Sergio Leone has been elevated into a postmodern mastermind who transformed everything he recycled. He borrowed from Japanese samurai movies, while his early experiences in "sword & sandal" features make it possible to see Leone's Westerns as gladiatorial epics transplanted to the American West.'

:) I like Sergio Leone and I like Samurai Epics, sounds alright. Though I'll keep looking around