Thursday, 22 October 2009

Character Design: More Character stuff

Here are some terrible, awful, abominable, offensive, repulsive sketches that I drew in the depths of hell a.k.a My Flat in Medway. Sorry for the awful quality but I refuse to go the endless merry-go-round that is finding a working scanner and computer in this stupid soul sucking building just for this soul sucking project…plus it sort of gives them some charm.

To be honest watching Funny Games again made me come to the conclusion that Michael Haneke made a really annoying film or maybe I’m just in a bad mood, I don’t know anymore. Anyway, I found the stupid remote scene completely ridiculous this time round. I mean it was silly enough the first time round but this time it was really silly. I’m all up for someone trying to make a point but when it’s so in your in face it’s just a bit pants. Though I must admit that everyone's joyous reaction to him being killed then the stunned silence after was a priceless moment.


tutorphil said...

oh dear - Mr Grumpy is here again!

Your mood hasn't improved, I see - but yes, Haneke's bit of postmodern barnstorming did create precisely the reaction he intended. I think the real accomplishment of the movie is simply that gut-gnawing stuff at the very beginning about the infamous eggs - that sense of a situation spiralling out of control. I think that scene is truely menacing; great performances too.

I'm sorry to hear your soul is being sucked; you know, it's just possible that you might be contributing a little to your own thundercloud; you can talk misery into life... never really sure where the authentic stuff ends and the irony begins with you - how postmodern.

Your sketches are useful because it means you are further forward; I still wonder, however, if you need to let go of the realism element, as it seems to bring you into conflict with your own estimation of your drawing skills; you could go a Brothers Quay route, and use doll parts + found objects etc. to drive the visualisation of your characters; check out Hans Bellmer too.

oh yeah - do cheer up! "Smile and the world smiles with you, cry, and you cry alone"... and on that note...

tutorphil said...

saw this -thought of your character design stuff

tutorphil said...

Don't know if that link will work - see below instead

Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Tom
Well seems like having your soul sucked isnt all bad because I like the sketches here. As Phil points out, if you are feeling like your drawing skills are not stong enough for your aims, then approach it differently. Being able to draw realistically doesnt mean you would have stronger character designs - just better drawn ones. Your first sketches were very inventive, and for that reason, potentially great character designs. You also dont want to stray too far from your mechanical theme, so maybe you could incorporate photography, mannequins, machine parts etc. Maybe something along these lines: