Thursday, 29 October 2009

Character Design: Blah

Hero- The hero will to have a muted colour palette rather than an exuberant one. Similarly she will wear a long coat over a smaller dress rather than a single long flowing dress like the villain. Her nuclear symbol will be obscured by her coat though she will still have a couple small ones visible. I'm still pondering how I will incorporate the weapons aspect into her.

Villain- I think the villain is going to have a long-flowing dress especially around the arms, possibly covering her hands. In terms of the nuclear aspect, I think she will have two, one large one and a small one like a parrot on her shoulder. She will also be covered in a lot of barbed wire and the entire nuclear symbol will be clearly visible rather than obscured like the hero character. I think blacks and deep reds will suit the villain well.

Sidekick- I think the sidekick has so many possibilities because he can pretty much a blank canvas for the villain to do all her sadistic things to him. One idea I like is that his mask will covered in sloppy make-up as if someone has just scribbled on his face. The wheelchair I spoke about in the crit works well because it means he has absolutely no control. He will be wearing a tuxedo.