Friday, 9 October 2009

Car Stage 1

Take that Maya you bastard of all bastards. It took about five hours longer than it should of but I can't help it if I' get distracted from my work by a group of delightful vixens in the base room ;)

It's mostly correct and ready for the next step.

Now it's time to destroy whatever hope and satisfaction I've gained from this and watch something really depressing.


tutorphil said...

congratulations! :-)

tutorphil said...

Hi Tom,

Just wondered if you could do some detective work for me: On Raj's blog, which is great, I can't seem to post any comments; the 'comments' tag highlights, but then it doesn't go any further; when you get a second, could you ask him about it and see if he's got it set up in a particular way that prohibits the posting of comments? It's frustrating, because he's doing some great stuff and his blog is much more comprehensive than his first year efforts - and I'd just like to let him know: also, can you get Matt to email me his current blog? The one I'm following hasn't been updated for yonks.... cheers!

Tom Beg said...

Raj's comment thing doesn't work for some reason.

This might be Matt's new blog but I'm not sure.