Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Zombie Flesh Eaters

This film has about 40 different titles, i'm just using the UK release title which is the best one anyway. Basically though it's the one where a woman goes naked scuba diving, a Zombie fights a shark and another woman gets a shard of wood through her eye. I'm not into zombies to be honest but I enjoyed this a lot. Sure having a little love session in a graveyard is a little silly and probably asking for trouble but thats part of the charm. I actually found it pretty creepy which is a rarity, mostly aided by the wicked music score.

This is what I hoped Inglourious Basterds was going be, a bunch of people using guns and explosives against an endless horde of evil things out to kill them, not 30 secs of greatness for every 20 minutes of dragged out boring dialogue.