Tuesday, 22 September 2009


First project of the new year happens to be a group project, good stuff. I got paired with Raj and Matt who happen to be good chaps so that's all fine. The brief in brief is to spoof something from a film, so that means writing jokes and being funny in a way that I'm not so good at. The first challenge is to pick something to spoof. We had a browse through the imdb top 250 and got plenty of ideas, too many in fact but that's a good thing. After a bit more procrastinating we picked two films and film related things each.

Tom the Hero picked:

Knight Rider

Raj Picked:

Die Hard

Matt picked:

James Bond
Lord of Rings.

It's a pretty decent selection of films and stuff because it encompasses a good range but nothing too niche. You've got very mainstream and hugely popular in Lord of the Rings, Rocky, Die Hard etc and slightly more culty but still recognizable in Knight Rider. Anyway we decided it best that everyone comes up with a load of ideas, jokes, sketches for each thing, even if it wasn't our choice.

I myself am cheering for Knight Rider because it's just full of easy stuff to take the piss out of. Particularly Michael Knights evil twin brother Garthe Knight. Who is in fact David Hasselhoff with a bad ass evil beard who just so happens to drive a white version of KITT called KARR and it just so happens that he wants to take over the world.


tutorphil said...

I never liked Knight Rider - I always thought it was stooopid; I'm sure you're familiar with it, but see below


it manages moments of pure brilliance...