Friday, 25 September 2009

Narrative: Knight Rider ideas

So one of my choices is Knight Rider. I'm starting with it first because it's probably the easiest to rip on, here are some of the ideas, mostly terrible admittedly but it's something to work with.

Michael Knight caught driving without a license.

KITT is clearly a closet homosexual, so something to do with that.

The opening title sequence could be a good place to start because as I've just found out you only need to hear two seconds of the intro music to realize what it is, it's instantly recognizable as Knight Rider.

When you think about it, just what exactly is he doing driving in the desert. I think 'extended logic' could be applied to that. Perhaps the police are chasing after him. Another potential scenario, when you think about it Michael Knight is a damn good looking dude so he probably sleeps around with many different women, we don't know what he gets up to when he's just driving about from town to town, hanging around seedy bars and such. Perhaps he's being chased through deserts by American red-necks because he slept with their daughters. It's been done before but a classic sort gag or joke if well applied could be pretty funny.

You could also play with peoples perceptions, say for example the music starts and you see KITT in the distance, when he gets closer to the camera it isn't actually KITT. It could be some old banger or another famous car from a film or TV series.

A lot of the programs focus is about Michael's relationship with KITT, something to do with that, not sure yet.

KITT becomes an alcoholic gets caught drink driving.

As much as I love him, Garthe Knight really doesn't a have place because he's a niche character. So scratch him off the list I'd say.

There's a terrible looking Knight Rider game from 1989.

Something involving american TV Presenter John Bunnel and Michael Knight.

This guy has come up with some pretty funny ideas. I like how the the women keep changing, KITT's GPS navigation and the 80's briefcase phone.